The Story of Parotta...

The story goes that the famous Parotta originated from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Parotta was popularized Sri Lankan laborer’s working in the ports. It became popular around 1960 in Malabar coast, hence getting its name, the Malabar Roti, then by 1980 it became almost a staple.

Growing up in the rural areas only a few miles off the coast of Sri Lanka, it was not a surprise that I spent my early years training as a chef in Sri Lanka, honing my love for this specialty to one day share with the world. Traveling coast to coast, I learnt from the unknown and unspoken cooks in the small beach huts and the port sides of the island. After all, this is where one can find the true flavours of Ceylon.

What better platform to bring these flavours to the world arena than the streets of London. I hope you enjoy the Parotta in its many variations. From the already famous Kothu, to the classic combo with beef or mutton curry or even my favorite, the egg roast combo, all are bound to leave you licking your fingers.

And thus, Ceylon Kothu was born. Here at Ceylon Kothu we make unique and famous Sri Lankan Street food. For example, we serve the best and the most famous Sri Lankan Street food on the streets Kothu Parotta. Also, we serve devil rolls and kothu roti which are authentic to Sri Lanka. I have brought my creations to the streets for the public and to the roaring festivals of England.

We are not only about food but we believe in our food and activities having a positive impact on the environment. We believe that food should not only be for enjoyment but also to help the environment. We pick our suppliers by assessing their quality and standards of hygiene and also sustainability. These are very important to us because not only is our aim bringing good food to the public but food which helps the environment. Right now, to make a positive change to the environment we are looking at suppliers with same standards but less plastic disposal and less carbon footprint production.

We want you to taste our food and we want you to be part of our journey. By belief is that food is a glue which joins people together and that is the sole purpose of me and my crew. We believe in equality and awareness for all, and we want all people form every stride of life to come and enjoy our food. That is honesty and integrity with all customers is a key step forward in building a healthy relationship with our customers. Together we can create a journey of a lifetime.


Chef. Ramesh Kanakaraj

With a great passion and flair for cooking, chef Ramesh Kanakaraj started his early career as a chef in South Indian cities Chennai and Bangalore before travelling to The Maldives and Sri-Lanka to continue on his culinary journey before working in London. He's worked for many top hotels including The Taj and Oberoi Hotel Group.

Now he's bringing his favourite Sri Lankan and South Indian street food dishes to you, including Kothu Parotta all made using local produce. Ramesh is conscious of the carbon footprint, and loves the taste of fresh farm to plate vegetables.

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